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Rhinoplasty Patient Case Studies:

Luke's Case Study

Rhinoplasty patient Luke sits with Dr. Miller's practice administrator Bernadette and reviews the rhinoplasty surgery process. Bernadette goes over every aspect of the surgery from how to prepare a few days before surgery to how to properly shower and sleep after surgery.

Alexa's Case Study

This is an opportunity for you to watch, learn and share in the journey of Rhinoplasty patient Alexa. She explains the reason why she wanted a nose job and what made her choose double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Philip Miller of Gotham Plastic Surgery located in New York City.



Rhinoplasty New York Surgeon

What are the different rhinoplasty techniques?

Open and Closed Rhinoplasty Surgery in New York City

New York Rhinoplasty Surgeon - Dr. Philip Miller New York Rhinoplasty Surgeon - Dr. Philip Miller

All rhinoplasty procedures, open rhinoplasty or closed rhinoplasty follow a basic concept. Excess bone and cartilage is removed from the interior nasal structure, and, when needed, a cartilage graft may be added to improve or strengthen the shape of the nose. Once the underlying structure is modified, the outer skin is repositioned over the nose and gradually adheres to the new shape resulting in the “new and improved” nose.

What differs among rhinoplasty procedures is the technique used by the surgeon to gain access to the interior nasal structure.

There are two main nose job techniques:

One technique is not necessarily superior to the other. Both open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty allow a surgeon to access the interior nose to make modifications. The biggest factor in whether open or closed rhinoplasty is chosen is the shape of the patient’s nose and the prior experience of the surgeon. Some noses lend themselves to open rhinoplasty while others call for the closed rhinoplasty technique.

What is open rhinoplasty?

Also referred to as an external rhinoplasty, the open rhinoplasty technique connects the incisions which are hidden inside the nostrils to an external skin incision across the columella – the strip of skin located between the nostrils. Once the incision is made, the skin can be lifted away from the nasal structure.

Open rhinoplasty allows a surgeon better access to the interior structures. This is important when major reshaping must be done. It gives the surgeon more latitude to manipulate the nasal shape. Open rhinoplasty is especially helpful in situations where extensive correction is required and in more complex revision rhinoplasty procedures.

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